Biography – CV

Biography – CV


Alessandro Vasapolli Biography

Born in Turin in 1988


2010 – 2012 / ESCP Europe, Torino (Italia), London (United Kingdom), Paris (France).
2008-2009 / Università degli Studi di Torino, Torino (Italia)
2002 – 2007 / Collegio San Giuseppe, Torino (Italia)

Exhibitions and Events

Sep/Oct 2019 “DéVoilées” Solo Show, Galleria Biffi (Piacenza);
Oct 2018 ”Quando la fotografia si racconta, Alessandro Vasapolli”, at Biblioteca elle Oblate (Florence);
Oct 2018 “DéVoilées” Book Signing and Conference, at Libreria Rinascita (Ascoli Piceno);
Oct 2018 “DéVoilées” Book Signing and Conference, at La Kasa dei Libri (Milan);
Mar 2019 MIA Photo Fair, with Galleria Paola Colombari (Milan);
Jan/Feb/Mar 2019 “DéVoilées” Solo Show, A. Galerie (Paris);
Oct 2018 “DéVoilées” Book Signing and Conference, at Biblioteca Sormani (Milan);
Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar 2018/19 “DéVoilées” Solo Show, Galleria Paola Colombari (Milan);
Oct 2018 “DéVoilées” Book Signing and Conference, at Libreria Popolare (Milan);
Oct 2018 “DéVoilées” Book Signing and Conference, at Libreria Bocca (Milan);
Sep 2018 “DéVoilées” Solo Show, at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Turin);
Sep 2018 Wopart Fair, with Galleria Paola Colombari (Lugano);
Jun/Jul 2018 “Flash For Fantasy” Collective Exhibition, at A. Galerie (Paris);
May 2018 “Effemeridi” Solo Show, (Palazzo Crivelli, Milan);
Apr 2018 Art Paris Art Fair, with A. Galerie (Gran Palais, Paris);
Mar 2018 MIA Photo Fair, with Galleria Paola Colombari (Milan)

Exploring New Ways of Seeing Light and Colour

The key to Alessandro Vasapolli’s work is his dedication to chromatic studies and his scientific approach to colour.

Alessandro has drawn on his scientific background, to develop a deeply personal, and entirely new method for the processing of colours in photography. Through the creation of a three-dimensional mathematical model, applied to the raw image, Alessandro is remapping how photographs portray colour and exploring new ways to present the emotions of his subjects to the audience.

His models glide like butterflies between spaces of light and areas of shadow, moving through colours which mutate softly, painted by Alessandro himself on the backdrops of his photographs. He is also an artist, and as such he captures and interprets light in his own style—art as a projection of the soul.

A mathematical language which is transformed into a work of art; a significant example of the creative fusion between scientific research and life experiences.

In Alessandro’s work it is as if reason and emotion have met and been concentrated in a single art form. A contrast which does not produce a static effect, but rather movement and transformation, a consequence of the tension and unstable balance which develops between the opposites being played out.

Vasapolli manages to capture our thoughts in his photography, the most beautiful and fragile ones, those that require the most research and mental aptitude.

Energetic currents which become hypnotic visions.

About Alessandro Vasapolli

Alessandro was brought up in an intellectually stimulating environment, on the one hand benefitting from his Grandfather’s interest in the Arts and talent as a painter, on the other the stimulus of his family’s scientific business.

This combination of elements leads him to follow a path of business studies, but also to dedicate time to his passion for photography.

He gained degrees with honours in Business Studies, Italian, French and English at the ESCP Europe, and in particular during his time at university he concentrated on Fashion photography.
When he moved to London in 2010 he started working for several fashion magazines and soon made a name for himself in this environment.